Zimmerman, MN Emergency Response Courses

All courses occur in Zimmerman, MN from February 9 – February 11, 2024. Full course outlines and details will be sent 10-14 days before the courses begin.

Questions? Email us: Info@TrainingAZ.com

Course Descriptions

Feb 9 – Defensive Carbine with Field Carbine concepts – 300.00

8 am-5 pm

Our regular Defensive Carbine program with some extra work in positional shooting from our Field Carbine program.



Feb 10-11 – Winter Survival with Overnight in the Field – 600.00

10am Feb 10 to 4pm Feb 11

Covering the fundamentals of outdoor survival and utilizing related tools in cold environments. This includes shelter building, emergency signaling, land navigation, fire building, bushcraft, water purification, emergency medical response, foraging, blade work, camouflage and hide concepts. This class will include an overnight stay in a self-built shelter, weather dependent on what kind of shelter.


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