Winter Soldier

2024 Winter Soldier Event, 24 November at Camp Savage, Flagstaff, AZ. Preceded by a Field Carbine course on 23 November at the same location if you want to improve your skills. There will be a campout the night before, between the class and the match – everyone is invited! This is a rifle only, AK-specific event, though all typical rifles will be allowed. Heavy divisions will be anything 7.62mm, .260 or above, and standard divisions apply to 5.56mm, 5.45mm and similar calibers. Heavy division will still require 2 hits to neutralize and there will be no “1 hit” Heavy division at this event. Any non-AK action style rifle will be in the All Other Rifles division, regardless of attached equipment. Hosted by Independence Training. 7am sign in and squadding. Mandatory safety brief at 8am. Bring at least 200rds of rifle ammo and you will go home with ammo (exact round count will be emailed once stages are finalized, bringing extra is always a good plan). We are going to run 6 stages. Expect shooting as close as 5 yards and up to 300 yards. No green/black tip, tracer, or AP ammo please. Bi-metal jacket ammo is fine. Please leave loaded sidearms in your vehicle. We also highly suggest you plan ahead and bring lots of water and a cooler for your own use.



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