IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) Life Saver

Our most popular emergency medical course, this course is all about saving lives using field medicine, or ‘dirt medicine’, techniques. Carried by military personnel, law enforcement officers, outdoors enthusiasts, first responders and prepared citizens, the IFAK is a key element in providing life saving medical care to yourself or someone else. This isn’t about splinting bones or putting on band-aids, this is about ‘Stopping the Bleeding and Starting the Breathing.’ The equipment in these kits continues to be effectively applied in emergency situations with increasing frequency across the nation by law-enforcement personnel and citizens alike. Don’t be the one sitting on your hands in an emergency – learn how to be a life saver!

Course options include receiving course instruction and an IFAK or just receiving the course instruction. This may be helpful if there are multiple people in your home / office / agency that will be using the same IFAK.

Our IFAKs Include:

  • CAT Tourniquet
  • 4″ Emergency Bandages (2)
  • Hemostatic Blood Clotting Agent
  • Occlusive Chest Seal Set
  • Pair of Protective Gloves
  • Emergency Shears
  • Kerlix Gauze
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Your choice of a Nylon Pouch (MOLLE compatible) or Seahorse Hard Case.

8 Hours of Instruction Includes:

  • IFAK Familiarization
  • Scene Assessment
  • Patient Assessment
  • Wound Management
  • Hands-on Scenario Training
  • IFAK Maintenance

Course Tuition

Full Course with IFAK – $365.00

Full Course without IFAK – $225.00

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