Practical Shotgun

The shotgun is one of the most versatile and powerful firearms available – learn how to run yours efficiently! Whether for recreational use, competitive shooting, or self-defense, this course will have you shooting your shotgun like never before. You’ll improve your accuracy, learn to load quickly and effectively, and discover how to operate your shotgun under stress and on the move. You’ll also learn how to use and defeat cover as well as shoot your shotgun effectively from various positions.

8 Hours of Range Instruction Includes:

  • Equipment Selection and Maintenance
  • Shotgun Loads and Patterning
  • Efficient Loading
  • Unconventional Shooting Positions
  • Moving and Shooting
  • Cover and Concealment Techniques

Required Equipment:

  • Reliable Shotgun (no specific gauge, barrel length, or action type required)
  • 150 Rounds of Birdshot
  • 100 Rounds of Buckshot
  • 40 Rounds of Slug
  • Low-Recoil Rounds are Recommended (except for semi-auto shooters)
  • Dump Pouch or Similar Belt Pouch for holding extra rounds
  • Sling (optionalbut recommended if you plan to use one operationally)
  • Shotgun Shell Holder (optional)
  • Knee and Elbow Pads (optional)
  • Hearing Protection and Eye Protection
  • Corrective Eyewear if Needed
  • Lunch, Water, Hat, and Weather Appropriate Clothing

Course Tuition

Full Course – $260.00

All Range Fees are included in tuition.

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