Low Light / No Light Carbine

To register with 50% deposit, use coupon code DEPOSIT To register as returning student, use coupon code REFRESH Emergencies don’t just happen during the day, or in 100% light, and you need to know how to handle your firearm in the dark and have the right equipment to get the job done before the emergency happens. Our Low-Light / No-Light training courses will increase your confidence while working in an environment that you are most likely to encounter in a self-defense situation. You’ll learn the fundamentals of how to use a light properly, whether to choose a handheld or weapon-mounted light, and how to engage quickly in the dark. You’ll also discover how to effectively keep your firearm in the fight should you need to reload or clear a malfunction. This course is scheduled for an individual weapon system, either the Handgun, Carbine, or Shotgun.


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