Coyote Clinic

Based on the successful book entitled “Ready For Anything – a guide to predator hunting“, this course is designed for new hunters and experienced hunters alike who wish to pursue coyotes, bobcats, foxes, mountain lions, and other western predators. This is a two day course: Day One is 4 hours total and is spent in the classroom covering the basics of predator hunting, such as scouting, equipment selection, animal behavior, and hunting laws. Day Two is 8 hours total and is spent in the field covering terrain and stand selection, call sequence, accuracy training and snap shooting practice, animal skinning and fur handling, and much more.

This course is taught annually in Arizona. If you would like to host a Coyote Clinic in your area or want more information on currently scheduled dates or predator hunting in general, please contact the head instructor, Glen, directly though the Contact Us section.

Course Tuition