Tac Hub Emergency Response Programs

These programs are taught at the 3800 sq foot, indoor, air-conditioned, full audio/visual recording training facility known as Tac Hub. Located in Central Phoenix, this facility allows us to teach programs utilizing UTM/Sims/Airsoft equipment. We use this equipment to enhance skills with firearms, medical response, managing unknown contacts, structural work, home defense, vehicle response, low light/no light, night vision, teamwork and communication, and various other skillsets.

Unless otherwise noted, all training equipment is provided with all programs. Personal training equipment requirements will be sent out with each course outline, which is delivered via email after enrollment, approx. 14 days before the course begins.

Other than these programs, memberships are available for vetted and responsible citizens, and the facility is open to LE agencies, Gov/Mil units and organizations, and commercial training organizations. Please contact Glen Stilson for more information: Info@TrainingAZ.com.


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