Whiskey Rebellion Stickers

Taxation is theft! Our new Whiskey Rebellion stickers helps to remind us that by 1791 the newly formed U.S. federal government had already imposed the first tyrannical tax on a domestic product. Their target? Whiskey. Some citizens rose up and said no, and the federal government responded by sending troops. Within 3 years the rebellion was squashed and many citizens were arrested for treason. Moral of the story? Taxation is theft, and you should not back down – because if we do, it just gets worse. Take a look at history for all the evidence you need.

Show your support of what the Whiskey Rebellion was about with our take on the famous Whiskey Rebellion flag, adding our own eagle logo in place of the original eagle with Rebellion written at the bottom. Fire up your American Spirit and remind everyone that we won’t go quietly into the night.


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