Focus Courses

Our Focus Course classes are a great way to continue building your knowledge on specific subjects. We will focus in on the key concepts of each class and build on what knowledge your have gotten from previous courses. During the focused 3 hour class, you will be able to get more hands on and technical knowledge to improve upon your confidence with shooting and medical training.

*No refresher discount will be offered for the Focus Courses. However, for every 5 classes you complete, you earn a 6th at no cost!*

**These courses may have prerequisites to attend. Make sure you have completed the prerequisites before signing up for the course**

The 3 hour classes will cover:

  • Technical skills for each subject matter
  • Hands on training
  • Focus on core concepts
  • Additional information that coincides with core classes


Required Equipment List Will Be Provided Prior To Class Start

Course Tuition

Full Course – $70.00 – $110.00

All Range Fees are included in tuition.

Please Contact Us for questions or hosting information