AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit)

One of the most common ways we carry medical equipment, the AFAK is truly a unique and versatile tool. Created by Ryker Nylon Gear, this medical kit is stocked how we would recommend and covers all aspects of M.A.R.C.H.

***New Stretch Version!*** More adjustment and greater comfort, feels like you’ve broken it in by months of wearing it, but on the first day you put it on.

Having the ability to carry on your person, wrap around a backpack strap, or place in a purse or bag makes the AFAK a go to for everyday carry medical supplies.

Contents Include:
– 1x Ryker Nylon Gear AFAK – Stretch Version
– 1x Compact Chest Seal
– 1x 4″ Pressure Bandage
– 1x SOFTT-W Tourniquet
– 1x 5.5″ Shears
– 1x Hemostatic Gauze
– 1x Utility Tape
– 1 set of Nitrile Gloves – XL