LowPro Trauma Kit (LTK) – with QuikClot 4×4″ Gauze and 2 compressed gauze

Our LowPro Trauma Kit gives you the basics of what you need to carry on your body in an every day carry (EDC) or low profile situation. This kit was built based on the experiences and knowledge of our instructor team, and the equipment that we carry every day. It can be carried in a cargo pocket, pants pocket, daily bag, purse, range bag, mounted to a belt, clipped to other gear, etc.

-Mini shears (TSA approved)
-4″ Mini Elastic Bandage
-Two (2) Compressed Gauze
-QuikClot 4×4″ EMS Hemostatic Dressing
-H&H Medical Wound Seal
-All items in kit are pre-opened for ease of access (except for hemostatic dressing) and vacuum sealed into a small pouch with tear tabs – this makes them ‘non-sterile’
-MARCH decal is located on outside of vacuum sealed kit
-Shears are stored in pouch separately from the rest of the kit
-Vacuum sealed kit is in a durable and lightweight pouch with belt loop, quick access pull strap and quick access plastic pull tab, made by Wilderness Tactical – the home of Overkill Never Fails

Also available in a different version with 1 Quikclot Combat Gauze and 1 compressed gauze.


18 in stock


18 in stock