MFAK (Multiple injury First-Aid Kit)

The MFAK is a complete solution to bleeding injuries, bone and burn problems, breathing punctures, and environmental wounds. This is a great kit for your home, office, field location, or your emergency storage. Packed in an impact-resistant and watertight SeaHorse, each section is divided up with a color-coded description under the lid of where each item is located, with enough room to add situational dependent items.

Trauma Shears- Occlusive Chest Seals- Burn Dressings- Elastic Bandages- Cravats- Universal Splint- Medical Tape- Utility Tape- CAT TQ- Pressure Bandages- Hemostatic Blood Clotting Gauze- Compressed Gauze- Saline Wash- Cold Packs- Heat Packs- Emergency Blanket- Nitrile Gloves- Chemlights- Patient Care Cards


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18 in stock

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